Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation
"Your ideal refuge for a more focused, peaceful and balanced life."

Mark Biehl hosts SANCTUARY, a blissful journey into the world of sound and vibration with offerings of Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, chimes, indigenous flutes, drums, and keyboard atmospheres.

Elements of breathwork, guided reading and group chanting are also featured to enhance and direct your experience to a higher level.
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Presenting two musical titles that address the Mind/Body connection, supporting and enhancing the practices of meditation and yoga. Originally composed as underscore for projects released by Thomas Michael Fortel of Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California,
Pranah and Asana Sangit are now available as inspiring
musical works for everyone.

Experience the mystical serenity of authentic Tibetan Singing Bowls in this musical composition perfectly suitable for breathwork & meditation.

Pranah is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning "vital force." It is a flow of energy representing the very essence of our being and all of life. Through the practice of meditation, we can calm the mind to the extent that clarity of presence becomes part of our daily living experience. Thus, a more energetic and vibrant approach to life can be sustained from within.

The use of metal objects such as chimes or bells to stimulate higher levels of consciousness has a long history, due to the complex pattern of vibrations they create that can interact with and change our normal brainwave activity. In Tibet, singing bowls have been used over time as a source of inspiration in the daily practice of meditation.

The long sustaining tones generated by singing bowls are also a natural complement to the technique of breathwork. Known as Pranayama, this yoga method works with the innate process of respiration to strengthen
both mind and body.

The singing bowls featured on Pranah were chosen for their distinct tuning characteristics that, when played together, create an appealing blend of sound waves that draw the listener inward, resulting in a peaceful yet
enhanced state of awareness.

Asana Sangit
A continuous flow of musical energy beginning in a meditative state, reaching peak intensity, then slowly releasing into peaceful tranquility.

Yoga practitioners are always looking for fresh and inspiring music to accompany their yoga sessions. For students, an appropriate musical soundtrack can lift their yoga practice to new heights in both mental focus
and physical achievement.

These ideas form the creative basis behind the music of Asana Sangit, a musical composition written specifically for the yoga practice, yet equally beneficial to anyone interested in a rejuvenating experience.

Featuring acoustic fingerstyle and Cuatro guitars, rhythmic hand drums and shakers, and enhanced with flowing keyboards and ambient ethereal sounds, Asana Sangit provides an enriching listening experience that
facilitates ease of physical motion and restores mental clarity.


Click on each track to hear a sample in
Real Audio format

1. E x c e r p t   O n e
2. E x c e r p t   T w o
3. E x c e r p t   T h r e e
4. E x c e r p t   F o u r

A S A N A   S A N G I T
Music for Yoga & Rejuvenation

Click on each track to hear a sample in
Real Audio format

1. T a y a r i
2. D h i r e  B h a r n a
3. G a r m i
4. B a r d a s t
5. K a m  K a r n a
6. S a n t i p u r n a

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