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     Welcome to Acuity Soundworks, dedicated to the development and presentation of music to inspire creative thought or action. Founded in 1998 by composer/multi-instrumentalist Mark Biehl, Acuity Soundworks has as its central focus the creation of musical works that encourage listeners towards a more positive mental state, provoke the imagination, and restore well-being.

     The initial offering under the Acuity Soundworks label took place in 1999 with the release of LANDSCAPES: A Territorial Adventure. An invigorating musical voyage to distant lands and exotic places, LANDSCAPES is based on the premise that music can be used to stimulate the imagination and create an experience in the mind. It encourages listeners to take a more active approach, raise their energy level, and give themselves something to think about.

     Released in 2003, ASANA SANGIT is a musical work created specifically for those who practice the art of yoga, yet is equally beneficial to anyone interested in a rejuvenating experience. The uplifting music of ASANA SANGIT seeks to restore listeners to a state of balance, by unifying mental and physical qualities. It provides an enriching listening experience that facilitates ease of physical motion and restores mental clarity.

     In a continuation of musical works for mind and body, the 2006 release PRANAH is a unique project composed entirely of authentic Tibetan Singing Bowls. Known for their ability to elicit higher states of consciousness through the complex pattern of vibrations they create, singing bowls are perfectly suitable to the practice of meditation. The long sustaining tones generated by the bowls are also a natural complement to the technique of breathwork. Yet, anyone can benefit from the relaxing experience that singing bowls produce.

     Browse the LIVE EVENTS section to discover a dimension of musical performance not featured on any releases to date. View photos and listen to sound files of live shows by Mark Biehl performing on soprano saxophone, flute, keyboards, and percussion. The music presented on this page is more improvisational in nature and draws from influences of world rhythms and melodies.

     We hope you enjoy exploring our site and the musical offerings presented. Your feedback is most welcome and greatly appreciated. Please visit the CONTACT US page for more information on how to submit your comments and suggestions.

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